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ROMERTOPF ON THE TODAY SHOW!Video: Cooking in a Romertopf Clay Pot

Erica Hill shares her treasured recipes featuring chicken in the Reco Romertopf Clay Pot 3 Qt. #111 & 4 Qt. #113 )

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Episode: February 16, 2013


The Romertopf is made of different types of clay combined in a secret ratio to produce a special type of earthenware.  The Original "RÖMERTOPF" was introduced to the International Market in 1967.
The success of Romertopf Clay Cookware is due to it's all-natural benefits, outstanding cooking results, and ease of use.  You will enjoy quick, healthy, high quality meals that cost less and taste better.  It combines so many popular elements in style, simplicity, taste and nutrition that is now a nationwide trend.
Food cooked in a Romertopf Clay Baker requires no liquid unless specifically called for.  The result: all natural juices, the full flavor and taste and all the essential nutrients and vitamins are retained.  The taste is truly superb.  You can cook all kinds of food without adding any fat, which is perfect for dieters or those with health concerns.

Clay Pot Cooking is a centuries-old method that produces superb results! This all-natural cooking method dates back to ancient Roman times and Romertopf literally translates to "Roman Pot".

Romertopf Clay Cooking Pots originated in Germany and were first introduced to the international market in 1967 by Eduard Bay GmbH, a prominent company dealing in ceramics from Westerwald.  The Romertopf Clay Cooking Pot was by far, the newest kitchen discovery revealing the most healthy and natural way to cook by steaming food and allowing it to braise in it's own juices.

Since 1967, over 20 million Romertopf Clay Bakers have been sold worldwide and the Romertopf name continues to be synonymous with the highest quality clay cooking pot that money can buy. 

The Romertopf's success is the selection of several different, but specific porous clays combined in a secret ratio and the unglazed natural terra cotta, which allows the Romertopf to absorb a great deal of water. By soaking the pot in water before cooking, moisture is absorbed by the clay.  The tiny water particles are released during cooking, penetrating and blending with the natural food juices, increasing flavor, tenderness and enhancing aroma.

We believe the Romertopf is the finest clay cooking pot on the market today.  You will enjoy healthy, delicious meals that traditional cooking methods simply cannot match!

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