Clay Bread Bakers

Clay Bread Bakers
Brick Oven Results from Your Oven!
Romertopf Clay Bread Bakers are ideal for baking breads.  Baking bread in a wet clay cooker results in a crisp, shiny crust you may have only thought possible in a baker's brick oven. The terra cotta clay is the closest thing to the brick oven which has always been prized for the crisp crust and moist inside it produces. Romertopf Bread Bakers are glazed on the inside in order to avoid the bread sticking to the baker, as yeast products have a tendency to do, however, it will still absorb water when soaked and will maintain the properties of adding moisture back into the food.
Please note that all Romertopf Clay Bread Bakers are not made with lids. If you prefer an unglazed bread baker with a lid then we highly recommend the RECO Romertopf Clay Baker #110, #111, #211 or the new Multi-Functional Clay Baker #150 as all of these clay bakers make outstanding Artisan-style breads.


NOTE: As most Reco Romertopf Clay Bread Bakers have sold out, we are offering great alternatives such as Clay Bakers from the main line that double as fantastic clay bread bakers and Sassafras Superstone Stoneware Bread Bakers (includes base and lid).   All of these bread bakers produce outstanding results!